MTD Kingston Rubicon 6-22

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IMG_0003This is a truly beautiful guitar.  Once you pick it up and start playing, you never want to put it down.  I have played guitars that cost four times as much as this Rubicon, and I would put this up against any of them.  Michael Tobias shows his genius once again with the Rubicon series.

Here’s what’s being said about the Rubicon 6-22:

Few people know that Mike Tobias is a life-long guitar player!  The design and development of the Rubicon guitar has been simmering for years.  Mike has long built custom guitars for high profile special clients in his shop.  The Kingston version became a reality in 2012 and after many samples, consultations, tests, and trials, the Kingston Rubicon took its place in the MTD family of great instruments.

IMG_0005The Rubicon guitar is beautiful in appearance and has all the player enhancements that Michael Tobias is known for in his bass design.  The Rubicons feature an ergonomically carved body, asymmetrical maple bolt-on neck, compound fingerboard radius, sustain-enhancing bridge systems, Buzz Feiten tuning system for total intonation anywhere on the fretboard, and incredible MTD tone.

Mike uses carved alder wood for the body for warmth and sustain and adds a flamed maple top on the instruments with transparent finishes for the visual appeal.  The custom wound pickups with series/parallel switching are a proprietary MTD design.  The 6-22 22-fret hardtail has a fixed GraphTech ResoMax® Harmonic Bridge System for great body coupling and enhanced sustain.  The 6-24 24-fret w/trem features a very well designed and executed Trem King® tremolo system.  This patented trem system for guitar uses a fixed bridge concept yet functions like a floating trem. Despite allowing pull ups and dive bombs, the tuning is rock solid.  Broken string?  No problem!   The tone block only moves when the vibrato bar is moved and all mechanical action is inside the guitar. Only light pressure is required to actuate the vibrato. The feel is precise and smooth and the sustain is killer.

Rubicon Features and Benefits



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